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How to send data from computer to FPGA device through the PCIe edge connector on the board.


I have a Stratix V GX Development Kit and I am trying to send PCIe traffic to the FPGA from a host computer. I have the Development board inserted into a PCIe slot on a CPU but do not know how to communicate with the board to send basic mem read, mem write, config commands to it from host Linux. I have been looking online and a lot of sources say to create your own device driver. I have no experience creating device drivers and was wondering what the easiest way to send PCIe traffic to my FPGA board is. Thanks.

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Yes, you are correct to be able to perform memory/config read/writes, you will need to have a device driver. For Stratix V, Intel only created the driver to perform basic MRd, MWrd and others for Windows. This driver comes with the example design. This is described in the Application Note below:



For Linux, my recommendation will be to search in the open forums like RocketBoard. Some one should have created a simple kernel driver for Stratix V based on the function driver provided in the example design. I will recommend to just reused from there.