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How to set I/O to 1.8V on Cyclone III development board

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Hi all,  


I'm a new comer on this forum 

Just a question regarding the Cyclone III development board. 


I wish to use the development board to pilot a Power Amplifier. The selected component needs a VIO of 1.8V. 

In the Pin Planner of the FPGA all the needed outputs are set to 1.8V but once synthesized and downloaded in the board, the output' voltage remains at 2.5V. 

(I use the J9 connector + the HSMC breakout board). 


Did I miss something? 

Do you know how to change the voltage to 1.8V 


Thanks a lot 




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The basic point is to connect VCCIO of the respective bank to a 1.8V supply. The options isn't provided for the HSMC IOs of your development board, I suppose. There's no other option than using level converter ICs or similar solutions.