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I require an Intel DSP board which support Intel MKL library and programming language is C or Python (Python is preferable). Additional requirement is 16 bit (12 bit will also be okay) ADC and DAC with sampling frequency in Mega sample.


We want to use it for communication purpose so please suggest me any board which fulfill our requirement.

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Hi Ritesh,


Sorry if there is any confusion. As I understand it, the MKL library is something related to processors instead of FPGA. Just would like to clarify with you if you are looking for FPGA devkit or other processor boards?


If you are looking for FPGA DSP devkit, for your information, as I search through our devkit database, the latest DSP devkit is the SV DSP devkit. However, as I look into the reference manual, I am not able to locate specific info on the MKL library, ADC and DAC related information.


You may try to look into the following link to see if the devkit meet your requirement from hardware perspective:




Please let me know if there is any concern. Thank you.

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