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I want to check out the one of your development board

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Stratix IV GX platforms include the Stratix IV GX signal integrity board, this is the board I want to check out, because I want to use Altera's sata interface to design embedded storage. I saw a document which is just what I want that kind of application: understanding 40-nm fpga solutions for sata[/b]/sas[/b] (http://www.altera.com/literature/wp/wp-01093-arria-iv-gx-sata-sas.pdf?gsa_pos=3&wt.oss_r=1&wt.oss=sa...) http://www.altera.com/literature/wp/wp-01093-arria-iv-gx-sata-sas.pdf?gsa_pos=3&wt.oss_r=1&wt.oss=sa... 


If I bought such board, could you provide the demo just like the document has mentioned. I dont need the signal intergrity test. I just want to use such board to do the design just like the understanding 40-nm fpga solutions for sata[/b]/sas[/b] (http://www.altera.com/literature/wp/wp-01093-arria-iv-gx-sata-sas.pdf?gsa_pos=3&wt.oss_r=1&wt.oss=sa...) has mentioned.
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You will need to speak to a dealer about boards. Altera do not really engage on this forum. And they do not sell any hardware themselves, they use 3rd party distributers.

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We have used the DE4 board from TerAsic for a sata development. It has the connectors, but not the SATA core on it.  




For the core we went with a core from Intelliprop (www.inteliprop.com). If you are looking to doing a device, they were easy to work with. SATA and SAS have moved forward since we did this project, but I was happy with the performance of the core provided. Our system was a "CPU-less" high performance storage and playback going to SSD drives.  


It was interesting how much variation we saw with different drives. Not all drives are created equal, especially with non-compressible data.