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IP & Quartus Licenses for Arria II GX Dev. Kit

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I just got the Arria II GX Development Kit to work on a PCI Express design. 


The first think I saw is that the Compiler for Arria II GX only works from Quartus Subscription Edition (30 days trial provided) and that the programming files generated also work for a limited time. 


Is there a way of developing designs without time limit using the board and the tools provided with the kit? 


Can I renew the evaluation license of Quartus II Subscription Edition? 


What is the recommended PCI Express IP to use? IP Core or Hard IP with PCI Express Compiler? 


Thanks in advance for the support, 


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the Arria II GX kit includes a 1 year Quartus II subscription. i don't know whether you can get renewal pricing on the kit software license, i would guess not 


the hard PCIe IP does not require a license and has better performance (in Stratix at least), so its the way to go
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