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Includes not resolving

Honored Contributor I

I'm unable to get Eclipse 10.1 to include anything not in the current directory or the built-in directories. 

For example, I have:# include "net.h"# include "./subdir/net.h"# include "c:/FullPathTo/subdir/net.h"# include "subdir/net.h" 


I always get "No such file or directory", even though I can open the file  

from the project space, Explorer, or my external editor. 


I try to add include paths in the Project->Properties->C/C++General->Includes, but the builder never inserts a "-I mypath" for anything I enter, either as a workspace or filesystem path. 


Windows 7 x64, Intel Core i7.
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Honored Contributor I

Just a guess: in your paths try '\' instead of '/'.