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Interface with other Family Demo board

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Hi ... 


I am new in VHDL and FPGA field.so i need some suggestion from you.Please help me out.. 


Currently, i am working on Quartus 2 software. Here we have option to choose different device Altera Family like Cyclone, Cyclone 2 and so on (While creating project name at that time)..If suppose i want to use Xilinx Sparten3 Demo board(XC3S200 Device ) then how can this software will helpful to me ?? 


Ie here we have no option to select device type as "Sparten3" so How can i interface my output file (.sof) with Xilinx Demostration board ?? 


Is it possible to interface my output file (.sof) with Xilinx Demo board ??  


Please help me out.. 




Thanking you very much..
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For xilinx devices you must use their software

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