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Interfacing custom Avalon MM Master with SPI (3 Wire Serial) Intel FPGA IP


I wrote a custom Avalon MM Master Component that interfaces via Qsys interconnect with a SPI (3 Wire Serial) Intel FPGA IP instance.


The signals and waveforms specified by the SPI core control port for read transactions are:

Screenshot from 2021-06-15 00-10-46.png


I have reflected these in my Avalon MM master Qsys component. Additionally I've included a waitrequest signal, as instructed in the Intel Avalon Interface Specifications documentation:


		avm_waveshare_spi_read_n			: out std_logic;
		avm_waveshare_spi_write_n			: out std_logic;
		avm_waveshare_spi_chipselect		: out std_logic;
		avm_waveshare_spi_address 			: out std_logic_vector (rw_address_width - 1 downto 0);
		avm_waveshare_spi_readdata 		: in std_logic_vector (rw_data_width - 1 downto 0);
		avm_waveshare_spi_writedata 		: out std_logic_vector (rw_data_width - 1 downto 0);
		avm_waveshare_spi_waitrequest		: in std_logic;



A state machine is driving this signals, in an attempt to read the status register of the SPI core. The address I'm providing for the read is 0x8 (0 + 2*4).

Is there anything obvious I'm missing here? Any hints are much appreciated.


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Fixed, it was incorrect size of readdata port and address.


Glad you issue had been solved. I now transition this thread to community support. If you have a new question, feel free to open a new thread to get the support from Intel experts. Otherwise, the community users will continue to help you on this thread. Thank you.