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Is it possible to blink cyclone V board output LEDs at 1 Hz which are connected to a transceiver's received parallel data ?


I have connected the first 4 btis of my received parallel data over a transceiver link to the cyclone V SX board output LEDs. The LEDs are blinking really fast. I have connected input transmit parallel data of the transceiver to a counter and the counter is running at just 1 Hz. The pll_ref_clk is 65 MHz. Please correct me if I am wrong. I believe that the counter is running at just 1 Hz so the transmit parallel data input to the transceiver​ is just at a rate of 1 Hz. But as in unsynchronised state of the receiver, I am transmitting HEXADECIMAL BC.

Isn't there any way to blink the LEDs at just 1 Hz?

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Hi, As I understand it, you are feeding a counter value at 1Hz to the TX parallel data, connect the serial data to a RX, then use the RX parallel data output to connect to LEDs. You would like to achieve 1Hz blink of LED. This seems to be user design related inquiries but I will try my best to provide some advices. For your information, the RX parallel data output rate will be based on the XCVR link rate and the deserialization factor. Even if you are feeding a 1Hz counter to the TX parallel data, the whole data transmission rate will be much higher than that. The minimum data rate supported by CV XCVR is 614Mbps. By merely based on this rate, with the highest deserialization factor, it seems rather difficult to meet 1Hz output data rate. You might want to try using GPIO to blink the LED at 1Hz. Please let me know if there is any concern. Thank you. Best regards, Chee Pin
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