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Is there any limitation on N3000-2 XL710


We produce some packets as we want by dpdk drivers and APIs.

But we find when the 13byte of the packet header(which position is the eth pkt type) is 0x00 the packet would not be received.

Does the XL710 in the N3000-2 board filter packets?For example, is there any limitations for the type field in the MAC header (position of 13 Byte), or does it automatically filter packets beyond  certain types set?

If there is such a limitation, can user change it?

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1) Can you share the steps to reproduce the above?

2) Do you have any logs/screenshots of the results as performed as (1)?

3) Could you illustrate what you meant by the 13byte of the packet header is 0x00 would not be received? Some sketch to illustrate will be helpful.

4) Is this issue specific to N3000 or it is also seen on the XL710 Ethernet Adapters card?


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