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Issue with PCIe of Altera SoC SX kit

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Hello there, I followed "Cyclone V SocC PCI-Express Root Port Example Design" and "PCIe Root Port with MSI (updated) at http://rocketboards.org/foswiki/projects/pcierootportwithmsi. I have got the following. 

Wed Nov 19 09:46:00 UTC 2014 

INIT: Entering runlevel: 5 

Starting OpenBSD Secure Shell server: sshd 

NET: Registered protocol family 10 


Starting syslogd/klogd: done 

Starting Lighttpd Web Server: lighttpd. 

Starting blinking LED server 

Stopping Bootlog daemon: bootlogd. 

Poky 8.0 (Yocto Project 1.3 Reference Distro) 1.3 socfpga ttyS0 

socfpga login: root 

root@socfpga:~# modprobe altera_rpde 

root@socfpga:~# modprobe altera_epde 

root@socfpga:~# ./altera/dmaxfer 

EP block fail to open 

Fail to get data transfer size 

Please tell me why the problem, "EP block fail to open" happened. Is it because I haven't got an end port PCIe yet or is it because of the SD Card image building issue? Many thanks.
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