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JIC Vs sof file cofiguration for SGX IV and EPCS128, PCIe

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hello all, 

I am having a strange peoblem. I configured everything so that there will be a PCIe link between the FPGA and a switch. When I use *.sof everything works perfect, when I use *.JIC with EPCS128 there is no conection. I checked the following: 

1. voltages in Power up by recounfiguring after all the power Stabilized. no change 

2. reseting the switch a minute after the FPGA was configured. no change 

3. configuring PCI transmition. it works. 


So it is not voltages, nor the switch ( it works with sof), not timing from configure of FPGA PCIe and switch and the EPCS works fine coz it configures something else. 


Plz do help, thanks.
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