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JP0 and JP1 connection DEO nano board (Cyclone IV)

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Hello all, 


I have a question regarding the connections to a Cyclone IV FPGA mounted on the DEO nano board. 


I would like to connect 4 pins to the outside world: data_in, data_out, clk, and reset. 

In the assignment editor I have connected: 


clk - R8 

reset - N9 

data_out - R10 

data_in - T10 


My problem is: I can not find documentation that states all FPGA-IO with respect to the headers JP0 and JP1 (in terms of "R8.., N9..., R10, T10"). 


Am I doing something wrong? 


Thanks in advance,:) 




edit : 


The problem has been solved: in the attached documentation of the DEO nano-board I found the schematics of the board and the pin-connections of JP0 and JP1 to the FPGA.
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