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JTag Issues: Can't Initialize Chain - Error locking chain or hardware is not set

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I'm trying to program my DE0-CV board using Quartus 16.1 on Ubuntu and I'm having a lot of trouble getting the usbblaster jtag programming to work.  


When I try to program the board with the vga demo files provided by Altera, the programmer hangs and eventually times out reporting that it "Can't access JTAG Chain". I also ran the JTAG Debugger and it reports that it "Can't initialize Chain - Error locking chain or hardware is not set." It's very strange because my computer detects the hardware just fine and the little green status LED even lights up when I begin programming. It just never completes successfully. 


Just FYI, I've made sure that non-root users have access to the usbblaster by adding the necessary udev rules. 

I know the issue is nothing related to hardware because I can program the board perfectly fine if I use Windows. 


Thanks for the help!
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Did you ever figure this out?


I'm having the same issue and would really appreciate the help.

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