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Just got development board, need help installing..

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Hi guys. I just received my Intel 'Max10 50 Development Kit' (rev C). I have Quartus Prime 17.1 installed and running.  


I want to install the 'Development Kit installer', however, I have run into an apparent problem, and would appreciate some help before I proceed, to be sure I don't break something. 


I have downloaded and unzipped the 'full installation for rev C' from here: 



The instructions indicate to 'run' the installer, yet I see no .exe in the package I have downloaded and unzipped. 

"Full installation of all files, including designs, GUI, user manual, BOM, layout, PCB, schematics, and other documents or files.  

for rev c pcb kits only" 




Here are the Instructions I refer to: 


1. download the max 10 development kit installer from the max 10 fpga development kit page of the altera website. alternatively, you can request a development kit dvd from the altera kit installations dvd request form page of the altera website.  


2. run the max 10 fpga development kit installer.  


3. follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. be sure that the installation directory you choose is in the same relative location to the quartus ii software installation. the installation program creates the development kit directory structure shown in the following figure.  


Am I interpreting these instructions wrong or missing something obvious? Did I simply miss spotting the .exe? Sorry, this will be my first Development board with Intel/Altera. Thanks so much for your help. Cheers,
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There's no installer. Just go into the Examples directory and then into board_test_system.

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There's no installer. Just go into the Examples directory and then into board_test_system. 

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Ahhh. Thank you, sstrell. Perhaps the documentation hasn't been updated.