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LCD TOUCH SCREEN ON NEEK (Nios II Cyclone III edition)



Some of you may see me as a total noob, but i had 1 year experience in FPGA stuff on a spartan-3 board, exploitted every connector on it.  

Anyways, i am trying to get accustomed to my new Altera Nios II Cyclone III edition. First of all i am looking for a general overview for this thing, what i can do , what i can't. And most of the time, everything done on this board is dependent on Nios II processor. For example when i want to use Touch screen lcd by a stand-alone lcdcontroller.v but in many designs it has been hooked up with various other components.  


is there a stand-alone lcdcontroller? And one more question, several stuff are being generated by a third party software named SOPC, is there a nice tutorial with examples about what i can do with this stuff. 


I am developing a system which consists of SRAM, LCD TOUCH SCREEN and rs232 so i have coded my rs232 and sram but i have no idea how to start with an lcd touch screen. Is it possible that someone out there, has written an verilog code for controlling this lcd touch screen , can share it with us? 


And are IP generated components open-source ? 


Thanx in advance
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I have the same project with touch screen stuff if anyhow you could solve your problem or find any good tutorial, would you share it? 

Thank you