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LCD with stratix 1s40

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By few days i have started to use a Nios Development Kit, Stratix Professional Edition. 

I have some problems with LCD. 

When i switch on the kit i can read on LCD "-----HAAR-----". 

Whatever i do (program, reset, ect) the condition of LCD don't change: I see the same string. 

I don't understand the matter. 


Thank you for your help and excuse me for my low english. 


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I have read on "Getting Started User Guide" that when i switch on the kit i should read on LCD "Hello World" while i see "-----HAAR-----" 

I have tried tutorials (count binary): 

All other peripherals (LED, Seven Segments Display) work well. 

I can see hexadecimal digit on console on my PC too. 

Only LCD don't work. 


I am using nios ii 

Maybe does that kit work well only with softcore nios?  


May anyone help me? 


Thank you. 


PS I add the picture of the board during the tutorial.