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Line_VALID timing from D5M camera

Honored Contributor II

Hi guys, 


I am using the demo code of D5M on DE2-115. And I didn't change the camera settings in I2C_CCD_Config, in which Width = 800, HBMIN(horizontal blank) = 500, PIXLCLK = 50MHz. 


So the length of Line_VALID signal should be 800 + 500*2 = 1800, correct? 


But when I monitored the signal of Line_VALID,I found that: 

time Line_VALID = 1 is 16 us, which equals 800 pixels. This is meaningful 

but time Line_VALID = 0 is about 31.1 us, which equals around 1555. But I though it should be 2*HBMIN = 1000.  


Can you tell me which part is wrong? Thanks very much! 



BTW: The default settings for D5M camera are: 


EXTCLK (MHz) 50 

Col_Bin 1 

Row_Bin 1 

Col_Skip 1 

Row_Skip 1 

Col_Size 1599 

Row_Size 1199 

Shutter Width (SW) 1984 

Horizontal Blanking 0 

Vertical Blanking 25
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