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Linux device Driver for PCIe w/ regular DMA

I need to make a Linux device driver to access Altera's Stratix IV card via PCIe interface. I keep find references to some code for a Linux device driver using Scatter/Gather DMA (referenced here: but I need to make one for regular streaming DMA. How can I modify the Scatter/Gather driver to ise regular streaming DMA? I keep re-reading the DMA section in LDD3 and it just isn't registering. Any help would be appreciated.

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hey there, 


I am pretty much working on a similar problem. I am using the stratix IV with a pcie interface reference design but am yet to sort out the driver completely.  

At this point I am using the sg/chaining dma driver example same as your driver example, but I am trying my luck by commenting out certain portions. But unfortunately am not able to register with the sg-dma on it. 

Keep me posted if you have any breakthrough.