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Looking a PCIe shared library file tearaisc_pcie_qsys.so (DE5a-Net) for aarch64 processor


I am using a DE5a-Net board and trying to bring up the PCIe interface. The DE5a comes with a Linux PCIe shared library file terasic_pcie_qsys.so for x86 processor architecture.  My host process's architecture is aarch64. Is there a library file for the aarch64 architecture ?

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Hie, Firstly, please have my apologies for getting back to your case after almost one month. I missed updating your case as I had a few cases titled "looking for files" and I was in the impression, this case has been updated. Getting back to your question: The DE5a-Net board kit comes with a Linux 64 bit driver, hence you should be able to use it with a 64 bit architecture. This information is available in the user guide (Pg 133) https://www.terasic.com.tw/cgi-bin/page/archive_download.pl?Language=English&No=1108&FID=c794c44f0ebd5f8c0ee981195482aa97 Alternatively, you ma use the Example Design generated by Quartus Prime Pro to get a reference design with drivers compatible for both x86 and 64bit systems, You may refer to Section 1.9 in our user guide to generate the Example Design. https://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/programmable/us/en/pdfs/literature/ug/ug_a10_pcie_avst.pdf Regards, Nathan
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