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MAX II Dev Kit

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My company purchased one of these kits to get a head start programming and testing some simple system supervisory code. I have been very pleased with the performance of this device and am now looking to try out some of the voltage level shifting functionality for the crosspoint switch design.  


Unfortunately the dev kit has a fixed I/O voltage to all banks. I could replace the regulator feedback resistors to get a new voltage but it would be the same for all the bank I/O and gain me nothing.  


I would recommend in future revisions of this board to give users the option to set the bank I/O voltages. It need not be a voltage that is actually generated on the board itself only a header connection to supply from a bench source or battery if so desired.  


I think these modifications would greatly improve the applicability of the dev board to real world applications where bank I/O's are not necessarily all driven at the same level.
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