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MAX10 FPGA Develop kit replacement RMA request



We purchased three sets of MAX10 FPGA develop kit (Part number: DK-DEV-10M50-A) in July 2020 through Mouser.sg.

All these three sets function well when we started deploy our project. Recently, two of them are malfunction in the HSMC connector. We have initiated the service support and got the RMA ticket to replace these two malfunction sets. Thanks for Mr. Rahman’s (intel) kind help. On Oct, 2020, we have received the two replacement kits from the vendor (Mouser.sg).


On Nov., 2020, Our lab mate Mr. Wu Han has consulted with Mr. Rahman (intel) and got the RMA ticket for our third board as shown in the following link.


Later Mr. Wu Han find the serial number of that set is not from Mouser. Therefore, that ticket is not used. Recently, we tried to use our third FPGA set purchased from Mouser. We find one pin of this FPGA set cannot function as before. Therefore, we want to request to use the RMA ticket which Mr. Rahman has issued to us on Nov. 2020.

Can we get your help to activate and update the RMA ticket for the third set?


The following is the working status of our third issue FPGA set.

As suggested by Mr. Rahman, we purchased the HSMC debug header breakout board. We used the HSMC debug header breakout board to further check the pins we intended to use. One of the pins was not working and the pin will stay at low voltage for all the time, even when we are giving clock signal. The pin number is AA20. Our project based on MAX10 FPGA board needs multiple channels to work, so this pin is very important for us.


The following questionnaire is for you to get familiar with our measurement and failure reason.

  1. What is the failure symptom? 

The failure symptom is one of the pins which number is AA20 on FPGA board is not working. We cannot detect any signal by using HSMC debug header breakout board. It stays at ground even when we give a clock signal. We also tested dozens of other pins from the debug header, they all can output the clock signal correctly.

  1. When did the failure happen? How you discover the failure?

On February 2021, we program our customized chip using the HSMC extender debugger breakout board, it doesn’t work as before. Therefore, we program each pin to output 50MHz clock signal and measure the waveform from the HSMC extender debugger breakout board header as shown in the attached figure. 

  1. How did you determine the failure? Please elaborate the procedures.

The failure is determined by the pin cannot output clock signal successfully while the other two FPGA sets can output correctly. And we use the HSMC debug header breakout board to double check and there is no signal from the pin. The measurement pin will low for all the time.

  1. Does the failure unit ever working before failure?

Yes, the failure units ever working before failure.

  1. Did you swap the failure board with a known good board?

Yes, we swap the failure board with other two good boards.


The following is my contact information and device information.


Name: Li Zhuoyue


Email Address: e0572642@u.nus.edu

Company/University Name: National University of Singapore

3rd set

Dev kit OPN : 16090009-1156

Serial Number : 10M50DA0005094

A copy of invoice is shown in the attachment. The FPGA set are highlighted in item 31.

Kindly thanks for your reply regarding the solutions. 



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Welcome to INTEL forum. If my understanding is correct, you want to RMA the (Serial Number : 10M50DA0005094 board) instead of the (Serial Number : 10M50DA0003799 board) on the same issue. If that is true, I’ll first proceed by checking the dev.kit warranty. Thanks 


Hi Mr. Rahman,

Yes, you are right. We want to RMA the (Serial Number : 10M50DA0005094 board) instead of the (Serial Number : 10M50DA0003799 board).

Thanks very much for your help!


Hi LiZhuoyue


Upon confirmation from Customer Service team, your MAX10 FPGA develop kit Development Kit (Serial Number: 10M50DA0005094 board) is out of warranty. 10M50DA0005094 was shipped to Mouser on 5 Feb 2020. Warranty period is one year from 2/5/2020 to 2/5/2021.


Regrettably, we couldn’t proceed for the warranty repair claim.


Hi Mr. Rahman,

Attachment is the confirmation of our orders. We purchased the boards from Mouser in July 2020. If the warranty period is one year, it should be in warranty period now.

Thank you for your help!





For your information, the Dev.Kit board was shipped from Intel to Mouser in 5 Feb 2020. The warranty one year started on 5 Feb 2020. In this case the warranty for Development Kit (Serial Number: 10M50DA0005094 board) is from 5/Feb/2020 to 5/Feb/2021.

If I’m not mistaken, customer can appeal for warranty extended and RMA claim. For this you need to get your distributor (Mouser) contact sales to appeal as this require a special approval.


I see and thank you for your help.


You're welcome, hope all is well. This thread will be transitioned to community support. If you have a new question, feel free to open a new thread to get the support from Intel experts. Otherwise, the community users will continue to help you on this thread. Thank you