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MaxV Dev Board: PB0, PB1: How can they possibly work?

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On the MaxV Development Board one side of PB0 is connected to R72, a 4.7K resistor that goes to 3.3V on the other side. Likewise with PB1 and R71. The side of R72 that goes to PB0 is .012V until the switch is depressed when it goes to zero. Assuming that this trace also goes to pin M9 of the CPLD (it would still be really nice to have a schematic drawing, which evidently has not been released as no one answered my previous post about this:cry:) I believe this is probably not sufficient voltage swing to do anything useful, like sensing a button push. I saw elsewhere here that others have used the pushbuttons, so, um, what could I be doing wrong? Is there something I missed in the user guide and reference guide?

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