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May I use DK-DEV-5M570ZN to develop other chips in the family?

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Hello Altera, 


I'm new to Altera, and want to start learning about Altera  


I'm interested in the DK-DEV-5M570ZN development kit 


On the kit it uses 5M570Z  


1. Can I use the kit to develop other chips in the family? Such as: 5M40Z 5M80Z 5M160Z 5M240Z  


2. Can I write a program and select the Chip in the family Such as: 5M40Z 5M80Z 5M160Z 5M240Z, and see if the program will fit?  


3. Can Quartus compile the program without DK-DEV-5M570ZN development kit?  


4. Since 5M40Z 5M80Z 5M160Z 5M240Z are smaller in size, it will fit, can I run it on DK-DEV-5M570ZN development kit?  


5. Can the DK-DEV-5M570ZN development kit simulate the smaller chip sizes in the family?  



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