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NEEK + Compact Configuration Design Example

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Hi, this is what i did so far: went to http://www.altera.com/support/examples/nios2/exm-nios-compact.html downloaded compact_config.zip unziped compact_config.zip went to /compact_config/factory_image_ex double clicked niosII_cycloneIII_compact.qpf Quartus 9.1sp2 started opened SOPC (auto convert 8.1 to 9.1) clicked on generate waited till end (success) clicked on exit clicked on start compilation waited till end (sucess) opened programmer clicked start closed programmer (after 100% reached) started Nios II 9.1 IDE clicked new nios application (hello_world_small template) browsed to niosII_cycloneIII_compact_sopc.ptf clicked finish set system libraries properties to: .rodata and .text to cfi_flash last action: run as nios II hardware. And all i get is: Reading System ID at address 0x04003048: verified Initializing CPU cache (if present) OK Downloading 02000000 ( 0%) Downloading 04001020 (95%) Downloaded 1KB in 0.0s Verifying 02000000 ( 0%) Verify failed between address 0x2000000 and 0x2000143 Leaving target processor paused if all options to reduce footprint are set, .rodata and .text set to onchip_mem the example works fine. 0x2000000 is start of cfi_flash what is wrong with this example? can anyone get it to work with flash?

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