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NEEK deveopment kit

Honored Contributor II

Hi everyone here.... 

I am new to FPGA domain having background in Micrcontroller system development. 

So I need help from you. 

To start over with FPGA development, I have decided to buy NEEK cyclone III kit n2eval-3c25n.  

i have confusion regarding ip core license. 

what does it mean exactly? 

do i need to purchase separately or is it already come with the development kit? 



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Honored Contributor II

Sorry for such noob question. 

But I have to start from somewhere. 

So anyone who can reply such query?
Honored Contributor II

i'm not sure if the NEEK includes a Nios II license, i don't think so 


in QII 9.1 and later, you can use the Nios II/e without a license. you can evaluate the other Nios II flavors with OpenCore Plus which allows unlimited evaluation while you are tethered by JTAG, or an hour if you don't have the programming cable plugged in 


most IP also supports OpenCore Plus so you can try it before you buy the license