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NIOS II Embedded Elav Kit - Piture Viwer Demo problems

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I've been following the Picture Viewer Demo (http://www.altera.com/literature/tt/tt_nios2_system_architect.pdf


I am generating the C code but getting the folowing problems: 


1: Page 5-3 tells me to change settings to the system library, however in the Properties of 'neek_picture_viewer_bsp' there is no shuch option to look at. Also noting that I get the 'neek_picture_viewer_bsp' and not '...syslib' .? 


2: Page 5-4 after adding JPEG.zip file, again can't get to the system library - guess same issue as 1. 


3: After building project - having ignored above - get error saying that it can't find 'includes.h' - there is no shuch file but assume its ment to mean the 'includes' folder under the project?? 


Any help welcome - many thanks 

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You need to be using the Nios II IDE, not Eclipse for Nios II. Two different software IDEs for the Nios II. (System Library == Nios II IDE, BSP == "Eclipse for Nios II") 


If there isn't an option to open the Nios II IDE in the more recent versions of SOPC Builder (might not be), then you'll need to open it manually from a Nios II Command Shell or a pulldown menu....
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Many thank for your help... I've found the IDE and followed the first few steps to accessing the System Library -  


However my dialouge box is not displaying the option to change the RTOS setting..!? (See Linnk Below) 


Note: Running Win7 64bits but Opening IDE as WinXP SP2 


http://twitpic.com/3c8how http://twitpic.com/3c8how