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NIOS-II NEEK_HW_LAB example does not work

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I am a newbie O NIOS-II. I tried to following the tutorial documentation and the neek_HW_LAB example project to have a jump start. BUt it seems to me the example project is not working.  

The problem is to assign base address. According to the document, it can be assigned automatically. I did that. Then I also re-assigned manully  

the cpu_ddr_clock_bridge base address, according to NiosII Architect design Tutorial PDF document. But it fails the SOPC building with the following errors: 


Error: cpu.instruction_master: ext_flash.s1 (0x1000000..0x1ffffff) overlaps cpu_ddr_clock_bridge.s1 (0x0..0x3ffffff) 

Error: cpu.data_master: ext_flash.s1 (0x1000000..0x1ffffff) overlaps cpu_ddr_clock_bridge.s1 (0x0..0x3ffffff) 


ext_flash.s1 is created at  

"specify the nios ii processor boot configuration" section page 25. 


how to resolve the base address conflict? anything i did wrong? 

thank you 




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There is a menu item "auto assign base address" in SOPC builder. You can click it once you've added all your peripherals, and all the overlaps should be fixed.

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I followed Nios II Architect design Tutorial document. On Page 3-11: Reassign Component Base address to Eliminate Memory Conflicts after "Auto Assign Base Address".  


If I clicked Auto-Assign Base Address, it has the following error messages: 


Error: ddr_sdram.s1: Appears at more than one address (0x00000000, 0x08000000) 

Error: lcd_sgdma.csr: Appears at more than one address (0x02000000, 0x0a000000) 


When I changed Base address as the document instructed, One page 3-11 (2.), then I got the previous error messages. 

I am a newbie on FPGA. I need a whole picture of memory management on FPGA. But if someone can hint me what might be wrong, it will help me a quick start. 

Thank you, 




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I never tried this tutorial, but what you can try is to fix the base address of all the bridges to 0x00000000, as said in the tutorial, and then click on the grey padlock next to the address until it becomes black and closed. This will prevent SOPC builder from changing the address. Then try the automatic assign base address again. 


Bridges tend to confuse SOPC builder when assigning addresses when there are multiple masters on the bus.