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NIOS II software for NEEK VIP DEMO V11.0 QSYS

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Hi all, 


I have successfully compiled the NEEK VIP DEMO design on Quartus II and I have obtain the sof file. 


Since the design has a NIOS II processor, I will need to generate the elf file from the Eclipse software. 


I am facing some problem on opening the NIOS II software project. 


In the build_tool_software folder, it contains 2 folders (app and bsp). How do I open the project and its bsp file to generate the elf file? 


Please advice.
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Import->Nios II Software Build Tools Project. 

Choose Import Nios II Software Buil Tools Project (for bsp) 

Choose Import Custom Makefile for Nios II SBT Project (for app)
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