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New challange to Gurús : DK-DSP-2S60N vs DK-DSP-3SL150N!

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Dear gurús :) , 


I have to implement in a FPGA an university project that consists in arbitrary signal waveform generator and an acquisition system. The acquisition consists in capturing continuosly 2 external bursts signals of 1ms time duration (the frequency content is from 1KHz up to 20MHz) for real-time digital data processing for each input channel (the elapsed time for calculating 16k points FFT, filtering and save data has to be less or equal than 1ms, which is the minimum time between bursts). Finally, results should be sent to a PC using a NIOSII processor. Once verified and validated the system, a custom board would be built. 


I want to do first experiments using the DSP Builder/Matlab so I am thinking in buying an Altera DSP Development Kit. My questions are: 


(1) I was thinking in DK-DSP-2S60N or DK-DSP-3SL150N. Which one is the best choice?  

(2) Are both boards full compatible with DSP Builder? I ask this because in my installed DSPBuilder version, DK-DSP-3SL150N board doesn't appear as avalaible board in Altera DSP Builder Blockset -> Boards tab. 

(3) I think that DK-DSP-3SL150N includes Data Conversion HSMC module. Please, correct me if I am wrong. 

(4) Avalaible on-board memory is enough for my application? 

(5) Does anybody have an idea about which would be the clock frequency to satisfy my timing requirements? 


Would someone be so kind to provide me more information or any opinion? Please, feel free to add any comment! 


Waiting for your answers! 


Thanks in advanced! 


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Hello again! 


Here goes my 6th question! 


(6) Does anybody know if Altera has a discount for academical purposes in these boards? I have sent this question to Altera University Program via email but I havent received any answer yet :(  


Lots of thanks!!