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Newbie+BeMicro SDK+Quartus 11.0sp1

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I had installed Quartus v11.0sp1. 


I bought a BeMicro SDK and downloaded the BeMicro SDK Lab Materials v1.22 which calls out v10.0. 


I followed all the instructions to the letter but when I went to build the project in Nios II EDS, I get some error that indicates that a version mismatch that requires rebuilding in SOPC Builder. (The latter has been replaced by Qsys in v11.) 


So it's unclear to me:  

  • Is there some way to use Quartus v11? 

  • Is there some way to update the files for SOPC Builder in Qsys? 

  • Do I need to obtain a copy of Quartus v10? 

  • Is there any chance that Arrow will be updating the Lab Materials past v1.22? 

  • Am I totally in the dark? 



Any help is appreciated. 



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The BeMicroSDK has a configuration onboard which has the full working SOPC builder project compiled in. I think the kit materials come with an sopcinfo file which you can use to create your system in SBT. Unfortunately, I think you might need Quartus 10.1. Can't comment on whether they'll update the materials. Even if they gave it to you, you can't really use the Qsys or SOPC file directly since you probably don't have a license for the Mobile DDR controller. 


Good luck.