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Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit -> RS232

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I have a Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit and want to use the RS-232 Port. 

Now I started with the SOPC Builder and the Files that are on this page for the LCD Control. 


http://www.altera.com/products/devkits/altera/kit-cyc3-embedded.html?f=hp&k=t0&clientid=no&gsa_pos=1&wt.oss_r=1&wt.oss=nios%20ii%20embedded%20evaluation%20kit%20rs232 (http://www.altera.com/products/devkits/altera/kit-cyc3-embedded.html?f=hp&k=t0&clientid=no&gsa_pos=1&wt.oss_r=1&wt.oss=nios%20ii%20embedded%20evaluation%20kit%20rs232


I worked with the Nios II System Architect Design Tutorial and I have added the uart-rs232. 

Then Generated it. I wired all the pins and added an input output pin for the rs232 with it`s names. Now I wanted to program it in Nios II IDE. But here in the forum some said that you can read and write data to the rs232 Rxd and Txd by typing dev/uart/.. or something. But on the Altera homepage I`ve downloaded the rs232 files with headers and .c files, where other commands are written... 


http://www.altera.com/education/univ/materials/ip-cores/unv-ip-cores.html?gsa_pos=4&wt.oss_r=1&wt.oss=rs232 (http://www.altera.com/education/univ/materials/ip-cores/unv-ip-cores.html?gsa_pos=4&wt.oss_r=1&wt.oss=rs232



Now how can I write or read Bytes to the rs232 Port on Nios II Emb. Ev. Kit?
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I think I found it.. 


in the system.h after a compilation in Quartus and a build in Nios II Ide al necessary is written 

Thanks for help...:rolleyes: hope this could help somebody ..
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