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Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit vga output problem

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I am using Nios II Evaluation Kit Cyclone III Edition. Quartus7.2 

i download the "neek_application_selector_vga_mirror_design_example"  

form Nios Wiki.  

i display Nios II designs on a Monitor(the Resolution is 1440x900 ) using VGA , 

the problem comes,the output from the vga can't fit all of the screen , only some of the screen can show the vga application selector,i guess the resolution maybe 1100x540 in the Center , in order to make it fit all the sceen that i modify the parameters of the Number of Columns to 1400 and the Number of Rows to 900 in the Video Sync Generator (in the SOPC builder) , but it can't work. 

how can i save this problem ? 

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Good morning! 


The NEEK has got the Terasic Multimedia Touch Panel Daughter Board (MTDB). I have posted the links to the Terasic resources several times here in the forum. You can find the specifications for VGA in the Manual, P.27 Table 4.4. I read from the table, that you can get 1280x1024 max, but it could be that the table is just not complete. Perhaps you give it a try and read that passage, perhaps it gives you some clues. 


Good luck!