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Nios II does not run after power up in my DE0-NANO

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I have a DEO-NANO board and I am new in FPGA world , I have followed the DEO-NANO manual and everithyng is ok but when I try to leave in my EPCS mi nios program+ my firmware I am not able to make it work (only the nios program) after unplug the system and power it up again, I have seen a lot of info but I am not able to get my nios program work after power it up. 

Please help my. With my VHDL files I have not problem in putting them in my EPCS as a JIC file, and they work perfecty after power up, but with the nios program I has not be able. I use the nios system of the DEO_NANO CD that include the EPCS, and I have only changed the nios type to the e version. It seems as if the nios program is not started once I power up the system but I dont know why. 



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