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NiosII 10.1 Eclipse(Problem) - have you programmed the filling system into flash?

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Good evening of Members 


I want test the de2-115 of example  




but , when I Ram_as , niosII 10.1 appear the message of error 




Fetching file: /mnt/rozipfs/index.html. 

Can't open the 404 File Not Found error page. 

Have you programmed the filing system into flash? 

[http_handle_receive] Error preparing response 




so I reference "http://alteraforum.org/forum/showthread.php?p=115825


and I try for renew 


(New→NiosII Application and BSP from Template) 


Select after of Project and Templates choose Web Server(RGMII)  


Then I open Nios 10.1 Command Shell  


and I enter the code: 




cd d:/demo/DE2_115_Web_Server/DE2_115_WEB_SERVER_RGMII_ENET0 


mkdir flash  


bin2flash --location=0x100000 --input=/software/web_server_test/system/ro_zipfs.zip --output=ro.flashfs_cfi_flash1.flash 


nios2-flash-programmer.exe ro.flashfs_cfi_flash1.flash --base=0x0a800000 --sidp=0x9000140 --id=0x0 --device=1 --instance=0 --program --verbose --erase-all 



but , In the start enter "nios2-flash..." 


It tell me , There are two or more JTAG cables available but you have not  


chosen which one to use. please use the configuration dialog to pick one,  


or specify a value for the --cable parameter on the command line. 



I try very long time...but I can't solve the question...I don't know how do... 


p.s sorry my English is very poor.
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