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NiosII cycloneII 2c35 TSE_SGDMA

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I tried to compile the project niosii cycloneii 2c35 tse_sgdma (VHDL) from Quartus. I added all files of the project directory to the project. But I got one error which I don't understand: 


error (10481): vhdl use clause error at ddr_sdram_0_auk_ddr_sdram.vhd(27): design library "work" does not contain primary unit "auk_ddr_functions" 


I have Quartus 8.0 on Windows Vista. 




edit: i solved the problem. you have to add the according files from your quartus ip directory (c:\altera\80\ip) to your project.
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Hi Stefan, 


I don't understand what you mean by tha according files from your IP Quartus Directory to your project. I am working with a 9.1sp2 Quartus II software. When I went to C:\altera\91sp2\ip I found o lot of folders and files. I took all the files of the following folder C:\altera\91sp2\ip\altera\nios2_ip\altera_nios_dev_board_cyclone_2c35 and paste it in my project directory, it's still saying the same message error. 


Is that what you meant? I would be very thankful if you could help me.