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No programming file for PCIe Chaining DMA Design Example

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Hi All, 


I have an Arria II GX dev. kit and I use the Chaining DMA Design Example.  


I would like to implement advanced error reporting and ECRC forwarding. 


In the PCIe Compiler User Guide 9.0 (page 7-8), We can read this : The design example exercises the optional ECRC module when targeting the hard IP implementation using a variation with both implement advanced error reporting and ECRC forwarding set to On. 


If I set these options in the MegaWizard Plug-In Manager, the compilation process can not generate the sof file. 


Warning message : 

Can't generate programming files for project because design file […] is encrypted.  

It does not have license file support that allows generation of programming files. 


I use Quartus II 9.0 SP2 with a full version license. 


Has anyone else had a similar problem? What can I do for generate the sof file? 




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