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Noise when interfacing TRDB-D5M with DE2

Honored Contributor II

The Camera TRDB-D5M when interfaced with DE2 gives the video in VGA perfectly when the example program from the CD is directly used for programming. It does shows Green and Red noisy pixels when it has been modified or just recompiled. I did read the forum that provided the solution for DE2-115 which I tried for DE2 and failed.(http://www.alteraforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=29213&p=182813#post182813) I wish there exists some solution for DE2 too. Thanks in advance.

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Honored Contributor II

Hi there, 


Please advise your Quartus version and we'll give it a try here. 


David from Terasic
Honored Contributor II

Hello David, 


I tried it using the version 13.1 sp2 Quartus II. I tried the same code in a older version of Quartus (7.2) and it seems to work fine. I've been wondering what could a recent version of Quartus do to the code so as to make it behave in a strange way.. 


Thank you David