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Not able to boot Cyclone V HPS through SD CARD


Board Details:

  • Boot Sel:101; Clock Sel: 11 ; MSEL:{4…0}- 01100
  • Altera Cyclone V; SDCARD: Kingston Make 16GB, Class10.
  • Software: SD CARD image from Rocket Boards
  • JTAG chain (HPS+FPGA) testing completed successfully. Able to download .rbf file throug JTAG.


Attachment: Serial Port Data received


Issue: Not able to boot HPS through SD card.


Observations: Receiving the text "U" with different time interval between TWO Texts as shown in left side box in attached PIC.

Whereas we are supposed to receive the text as given in the right side box in the attached pic.


Our understanding from the above is that HPS is able to reach SD Card and after sending “u” (which is the first letter to be printed during booting), HPS is not able to move forward and getting in the loop of printing “U”.


It is observed that time interval between TWO “U” is not uniform.

It is observed that there is no external reset going to HPS  

Please help us in resolving this.

Thanks in advance.



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I am not familiar with this "u" character, since I am booting different SoC boards and not seeing such a case of "u".

Is this a development kit or custom board?

If you are using the same sdcard for both boards, and replicating the same board configurations, then its either:

1- Console settings are not the same.

2- Make one board runs on on PC and check, there might be a driver issue.

3- If 1&2 are not applicable, then its a hardware defect issue.



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