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Not working?:EK-10M08E144 Dev Board with (10M08SAE144C8G)

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im sitting here with 3 EK-10M08E144 development boards with the 10M08SAE144C8G FPGA, the manual states that the five leds should blink(1Hz), when powered on. However the leds are just on permanently. Alright i think, i make a 5 bit counter and upload that, same deal with the diodes, just fully on, no counting seems to go on. Maybe its a bad board, so i get 2 others, but they behave in the same way, when powered on no blinking.  


Does anyone have any experience with these boards? What can i do wrong, the extend of what i have to do is to plug in a USB cable :) 



Link to pictures 




Link to board resources  


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