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Output signal of IRM-V538N7/TR1 (Infrared module of DE2-115)



I have a DE2-115 dev board which has an IR-receiver on board. 

I would like to make it work within a VHDL-written system.  

But there I encountered a problem. As far as I can see the datasheet 

doesn't say anything specific about the output signal. Is there anyone 

who can help me on my way by telling me something about the protocol used? 


Thanks in advance. 


edit: I found the datasheet of the IR transmitter. This tells more about the signal transmitted, and thereby also the output signal of the receiver. As far as I understand it now the receiver demodulates the bits sent by the transmitter, and in this process negates them. So the output of the module is NOT(transmitter output).
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Can you provide any information regarding the hex codes received for each key of the IR remote? Is there any table available that lists all the receive codes? 


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I can, here you go. This is for the remote supplied with the DE2-115 Board. 

You can also find these values by means of the DE2-115 control panel. 


when std_logic_vector'(x"0F") => Btn_A <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"13") => Btn_B <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"10") => Btn_C <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"12") => Btn_power <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"01") => Btn_1 <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"02") => Btn_2 <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"03") => Btn_3 <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"04") => Btn_4 <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"05") => Btn_5 <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"06") => Btn_6 <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"07") => Btn_7 <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"08") => Btn_8 <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"09") => Btn_9 <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"00") => Btn_0 <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"1A") => Btn_chnl_up <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"1E") => Btn_chnl_down <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"1B") => Btn_vlm_up <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"1F") => Btn_vlm_down <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"0C") => Btn_mute <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"11") => Btn_menu <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"17") => Btn_return <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"16") => Btn_play <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"14") => Btn_left <= '1'; when std_logic_vector'(x"18") => Btn_right <= '1'; when others => --do nothing  


And for the people out there who are to lazy to read datasheets, I also give you the custom code of the remote: x"68B6" You'll just have to do the codewriting yourself.