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[PCIe Dev board] Established GiGe link with marvell 88e1111



I have a pci express dev board and i would to make a giga ethernet connection with the marvell 88e1111 PHY transceiver (in copper mode). 


I have successfully instantiate tse mac block in stratixII device and i have build logic around for configuration. 


MAC loopback mode and also PHY loopback mode run successfully. 

But when i desactive all loopback mode and i try to established a link with network card on my pc, nothing happens... 


After configuration sequence of tse mac block, i make a reset of the marvell PHY (with the respect of all reset timing specifications find in the 88e1111 datasheet). for now, i didn't change nothing in internal registers of the marvell PHY. Hardware configuration (CONFIG[6..0]) are good for gigabit operation and auto negociation. 


What can i make to link pcie board and network pc card ? 

Must I send a specific mac frame just to link cards ? 

Could someone help me and tell me the exact registers configuration of the mac block or the good procedure ? 


Any help will be appreciate. 

Thanks in advance!
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Hi, I actually have a similar problem with the TSE. I use the TSE reference design, but I can't make the TSE running with a PHY LOOP BACK. How did you manage to do that? 

Thanks for your help, 

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