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Problem in interacing TI ADC eval module (ADC12DJ3200EVM) with Arria 10 SoC.

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I am trying to interface the Texas Instruments ADC eval board to Arria 10 SoC using FMC+ to FMC interface. The interface uses JESD204B IP to receive the sampled data from ADC to the Transceiver PHY. I am using altera 10 design example from ti (http://www.ti.com/lit/zip/slac748) to test the interfacing (); I follow the steps mentioned in the user guide (attached) to compile the design example, program the eval board, and analyze the data received using Signal Tap Logic Analyzer. I am providing a 250MHz sinusoidal signal at Channel A at the ADC. I am expected to see some data, but I see nothing. The only change I have made is assigning the device name to 10AS066NF340E2SG from 10AX115S2F45I1SGE2 and the corresponding pins in pin planner, which compiled with no error. I am wondering if you could help me in figuring out the problem. I find that the dev_sync_n signal is low; but I am not sure why. PFA. 


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