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Problem to creat SD-Card for the DE0-Nano SoC

Honored Contributor II

Hi there, I'm a beginner in the field of Embedded Linux of SoC. 


At the first, I tried to creat a SD-Card for a DE0-Nano-SoC Development Board with the Image "DE0-Nano_SoC_UP_Linux" from the Altera Website (DE0-Nano-SoC Linux SD Card Image) and the Win32 Disk Imager - 1.0. 

After inserting my created SD into the Board, the LED for FPGA-Config is on after few seconds, but the Linux does not boot. I also tried it with different MSEL-Conigurations, but it does not boot. 

Does anyone have an idea what I did wrong? 


Link to the Altera Image: https://www.altera.com/support/training/university/materials-computer-systems.html 

I prefer this image because the Desktop based Ubuntu and the included features and apps. 


I tried it also with another Image with Linux Console, and than it works! The Linux boot after a few seconds. 


I'm very happy about any answers. 

Kind Regards.
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