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Problem with PCIe Root Port on the Altera Cyclone V

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Hi guys, 


I have problems testing the PCIe Root Port on the Altera Cyclone V Dev Kit. Hope someone has encountered this problem before and have a solution? 


I loaded the prebuilt image sd_card_image_cyclone5.bin and followed the steps from the link below, but it failed at "insmod altera_rpde.ko". Has anyone had this issue? 




I am using the Altera Cyclone V Dev Kit with a Gigabit Ethernet Controller as called out by the Hardware Requirements. 


  • Root Port: Cyclone V SoC Development Kit (5CSXFC6) 

  • Endpoint: Intel® Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter (Intel® 82574L Gigabit Ethernet Controller) 



Test Results:  

root@cyclone5:/mnt# insmod altera_epde.ko 

root@cyclone5:/mnt# insmod altera_rpde.ko 

altera-rpde pcie_rpde.1: has no require EP detected 


Of course, it failed to run ./dmaxfer: 

root@cyclone5:/mnt# ./dmaxfer 

EP block fail to open 

Fail to get data transfer size 

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What is your endpoint device?