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Problem with Terasic ADA daughter board

Hi, I have problem using the Terasic ADA daughter board with the Cyclone III starter kit. I used the ADA_utility tool in the CD trying to generate arbitrary waveform. The utility programs coming with the CD can successfully detect the Cyclone III starter board and configure the FPGA. But it fails when it tries to download the NIOS program. The error was "bash: nios2-download: command not found"  


Does anyone know how to solve this problem? There is no resistor R34 and R31 for the differential outputs. They are intended to be DNI, which is do not install. Should I connect those resistors myself?
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I have exactly the same problem. 


I first burned the QB3_TOP.sof into my CycloneIII Starter Kit FPGA, and then ran the ADA_Utility. But it gave a series of errors: 

a) Unable to locate component 

b) Load DLL Error 

c) Execute (NIOSDownloadBatch.bat) fail , ExitCode:1h 

d) Failed to find your board 


Meanwhile, it did detect my board-type correctly, in between ... still failed to work. 


Furthermore ... an interesting observation was that, I tried running this ADA_Utility.exe directly ... without burning the Quartus file into the FPGA - and there was no difference in its behaviour. 


Is this ADA_Utility even meant to work for the Starter Kit. Can somebody help ?