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Problem with tPad VIP Camera demonstrations

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I have the tPad DE2-115 and I try to use the VIP Camera demonstration. After compilation of the hardware with the only changement in the reset of the nios (sram instead of flash). I programed the hardware in the board.  

Then I wanted to use the software of the VIP Camera included in the demonstration folder. I created a Nios IDE project with the code. But the program crash and nothing good is printed on the board's screen.  

It appears randomly that it works only when I launched the program in debug mode and run slowly step by step the code.  

In the main function, the code seems to be executed until Mixer_init(). 

The problem seems to come from the mixer, but I'm not really sure. Somebody could help me? 

I have Quartus II 10.1 and NIOS II SDT for Eclipse II 10.1. 


Thank you,
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If someone has the same problem. The solution is to change the section from the sdram to the sram in the bsp editor.