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Problems with NEEK tutorial using Quartus 9.1sp2

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I will apologize in advance for being a NOOB... (perhaps, I should RTFM, too) 


I downloaded the NEEK tutorial from Altera's website. The NEEK tutorial seems to be targeted at Quartus 9.0. Following the tutorial, I had no problems with the hardware portion of the tutorial -- I created the bit file just fine thanks. 


However, the menus for the software portion of the tutorial on Quartus 9.1sp2 were entirely different from the sceenshots in the tutorial. I was able to stumble through most of the differences but it seems that SYSLIB has become BSP. 


When I build the software application, the main program fails to compile since it is missing the uCOS stuff. 


Is there a newer tutorial somewhere? Can anybody straightened me out here? Looking through the Wiki, I did find a BSP with a uCOS directory in it. 


Thanks for the help, 

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in 9.1 Altera switched to Nios II SBT (plugins) for Eclipse rather than a customized Eclipse release (Nios II IDE). 


try searching altera.com for SBT tutorial and you'll find a couple of documents to guide you.
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Guru, thanks for the help; it's really appreciated. Although you can't see me, I am bowing in your general direction.