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Problems with "Hello World" on Nios II Stratix II Dev Kit

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-The Problem 

I followed the steps in [1] with the standard project file [2] to get a "Hello World" on the LCD 

from my Development Kit [3], but at step 1 [4], an error message [5] did appear, interrupting the 

process and I am trying to solve this problem. I would appreciate any help. 



-Additional Information: 

My laptop [6] is running version 9.1 of Quartus II [7], instead of the original version that came 

with the development kit [8]. 




For reasons out of the scope, Windows verstion cannot be upgraded. 




[1]: Nios II Development Kit: Getting Started User Guide, May 2004 



[2]: c:\altera\Kits\nios2\examples\vhdl\niosII_stratixII_2s60_ES\standar.qpf 



[3]: Nios II Development Kit - Stratix II Edition (with FPGA EP2S60F672C5ES) 



[4]: the step that tells me to click on the "Run" button at Eclipse, after a successful "Build Project" compilation (step 1 of "Downloading the executable code to the Nios Development Board", p. 1-19) 



[5]: Dialog box "The selection cannot be lauched, and there are no recent launches" 



[6]: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M @ 2,30 GHz / RAM: 4GB / OpSys: Windows 7 Home, 64 bits 



[7]: Quartus II 9.1 sp2 Web Edition 



[8]: Quartus II 4.1
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