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Programming an Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGA EK as a counter by using a way to see the output signal


Hello! I am honestly a newcomer in the field of embedded systems and Intel cards. I have been wondering for a few weeks about the way thanks to which I will be able to develop a new testing system that will support the programmable logic controller currently used to count the sheets of paper consumed by the production machines. Indeed, the idea is mainly focused on the development of a solution that will be able to check out the number of sheets of paper consumed, calculated by the PLC. By the way, this signal which represents this number will have to be observed for some analyses.

By using the Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGA EK, I am thinking about the way I will be able to see this signal. I have already thought about some software such as Matlab and LabVIEW, but I am not sure and I would need some tips regarding the specifities available on that kind of card I could use.

I truly thank you in advance for your help and I can add other information about this issue in order to make it clearer. 


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Thanks for your question. Your question is best answered by the users within this community as this is application development related. I will let them respond to you on this.

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